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E-2 Visa Document Preparation Service for Self-Represented Investors

E-2 Visa Document Preparation Service for Self-Represented Investors

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Our E-2 visa package equips self-represented investors with essential templates and forms needed to create compelling visa petitions. This service simplifies the application process for an investor visa by providing meticulously crafted document templates that meet the latest requirements from the U.S. Embassy and USCIS.

Service Features:

  • Legal Cover Letter Template: A professionally drafted cover letter that outlines your application's key elements.
  • Index of Proposed Exhibits: Organizes supporting documents clearly, ensuring easy navigation.
  • Certificates of Ownership Interest: Templates with instructions for proving ownership in an LLC or Corporation.
  • Letter of Intent to Depart: Establishes the temporary nature of your stay in the U.S.
  • Exhibit Covers: Adds a professional touch to each section of your submission.
  • Up-to-date Forms: Current versions of all required forms for submission, ensuring compliance.
  • Our package provides the tools needed to efficiently prepare your own E-2 visa applications with expertly designed templates, ensuring clarity, compliance, and ease of use.
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