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L1 US Business Petition

L1 US Business Petition

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🌟 Ready to Navigate US Immigration with Confidence? Let's Begin!

As an experienced immigration consultants specializing in L1 visa services, we’re here to streamline your journey to US immigration success. We offer tailored non-lawyer assistance to individuals seeking seamless legal support in the United States. While our team consists of attorneys licensed in foreign jurisdictions, please note that my services within the US are focused solely on providing non-legal assistance.

Our specialization lies in assisting managers and executives with L1 visa applications, whether they're transferring to US offices or establishing new ones. Here's how we can assist you:

  • L1 Visa Case Analysis: Ensuring your case aligns with US immigration regulations.
  • Document Guidance: Expert advice on compiling essential supporting documents for your visa application.
  • Letter of Support Review: Thorough review and enhancement of support letters from US and foreign entities.
  • USCIS Form Completion: Assistance with completing all necessary USCIS forms, including the I-129.
  • Comprehensive Cover Memorandum: Crafting a compelling cover letter to accompany your L1 visa petition.
  • Foreign Document Translation: Guidance on translating foreign documents is required for your application.

🌐 Additional Assistance

We offer support with:

  • US Company Registration
  • Tax Identification Number Acquisition
  • Tailored Business Plan Drafting for L1 Visa Petitions

Contact us today to discuss your immigration aspirations and let's pave the way for your successful journey to the United States! Rest assured, our services provide non-lawyer representation to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

We will assemble and file a petition package with USCIS on your behalf, covering all government filing fees and postage costs associated with the filing.

  • Gov’t filing fees are included
  • Postage Fees are included
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